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Roger Clemens STFU!

Friday Dec 14, 2007

Yesterday, former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell released the findings of his investigation into steroid use in Major League Baseball. That report named names and one mentioned quite a bit was that of Roger Clemens. Clemens’ lawyer, Rusty Hardin, says that “He is really, really concerned and upset that he has been named in this report. It’s based on the allegations, apparently, of a trainer that he’s had in the past. … That’s not a standard someone should be held out in public to have done something as serious as using steroids in baseball.” Mitchell’s office contacted every player that was to be mentioned in the report letting them know that they would be named and offered them the chance to meet with him personally, be presented with the evidence, and explain or refute the facts. Only a few, and definitely not Clemens, decided to take Mitchell up on his offer.

Roger Clemens knew he was going to be named. Don’t act like you’re surprised. Don’t act all upset. You chose not to meet with Senator Mitchell and instead have your guilt or innocence tried in the court of public opinion, where I guess you think you’d have a better chance of clearing your name. Well, guess what. You don’t.

It makes me wonder about that AT&T Wireless commercial…

Roger Clemens is on the golf course contemplating another return to professional baseball. He calls his wife at home to see what she thinks about the idea. She is less than enthused about it but the call is dropped before she can express her feelings about the situation. Roger takes the silence on the other end of the phone to be her becoming speechless because she is so excited by the proposition. Thinking his wife is on board he agrees to play baseball again.

Is his wife upset that he’s going to be spending time away from her and his children when he resumes his baseball career? Or is she upset because he’s going to have to go back on steroids causing his dick to shrink even more?

The part of the lawyers’ statement about where the allegations came from are ridiculous. Mitchell didn’t have subpoena power and the Players’ Association chose not to provide any help in the investigation.

Roger. You had your chance to clear your name. You chose not to. Now STFU!