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My Cats Have It Easy

Monday Aug 15, 2005

Regine and I went to see March of the Penguins last week. The documentary about the emperor penguins in Antarctica is amazing. I was mesmerized and glued to the screen. I must warn you. This film might not be for everyone. There isn’t any nudity or car chases. If you can’t sit still for two hours, go see something else.

The filmmakers spent something like a year in freezing temperatures to capture the penguins’ struggle to propogate their species on film. It was obviously a labor of love for them. I commend them and recommend this movie to everyone.

The next morning, I realized how easy my cats have it as one of them followed me into the kitchen to get some food. Walking 30 feet to get your food out of a bowl sure beats walking 70 miles in freezing temperature to catch it.

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