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Thursday Sep 29, 2005

Late last year I picked up a really cool toy. It’s called a SqueezeBox from Slim Devices. It’s a small box with a bright LED screen that you plug into your stereo as an input device. You load up their software on a computer (it will run under Windows, Linux, and Mac). I have the server software use my iTunes Music Library.

Using a remote control, you can browse or search your music collection and then the music gets streamed to the SqueezeBox. The one I have is wireless (802.11b - they have a new SqueezeBox2 which is 802.11g). I can listen to my entire music collection* on the stereo in my bedroom without touching a CD!

I plan on getting another SqueezeBox for Regine to use in her playroom (where she does all of her scrapbooking, card making, and rubber stamping).

* Of course, this is only in theory. I have about 600 music CDs and have only ripped about 135 of them into iTunes so far. I figure at the rate I’m going, I’ll rip the last CD on my death bed.

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